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Series-350 - Mueller Type Cemented Hip Stem

Müller Type Straight Stem

The Series 350 - Müller type cemented hip stem is to be inserted without trochanteric osteotomy. The straight, conical shape guides the stem into a neutral femoral position. Due to its flat design, this hip stem suits nearly all femur anatomies either side. The prostheses can be used for primary implantation as well as revisions. It is available in 11 sizes, as a standard and lateral version.
The Series 350 - Müller Straight stem has two different kinds of grooves. The deep grooves provide reliable stability to the stem. The small grooves create a bigger surface for an optimal mechanical fixation with the cement.
The proximal indicated collar prevents a drop of the stem after implantation and compresses the bone cement. The prosthesis consists of a conical design with a doubled elliptical cross section.

  Series-350 PDF-Brochure
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