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Series-200 - Cementless Hip Stem
Series 250 - Cemented Hip Stem

Tapered Interlocking Hip system

With the Series 250 hip stem system, the cementless and cemented application is available with the use of one instrument set. Titanium alloy (TiAl6V4) is used for the cementless version of the stem and CrNiMo-Alloy is used for the cemented version of the stem. To optimize the bone growth to the implant and to activate osteoblasts, the cementless stems are coated with a Titanium porous coating in the proximal area of the hip stem.

To increase the variability the cementless and also the cemented stems are available as standard and lateral version.

The CCD-Angle equals 135 degrees for the standard as well as for the lateral version. The stems are manufactured of high quality titanium alloy (Ti6AlV4).

  Series-200/250 PDF-Brochure (on demand)
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