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Series 100 - cementless femoral hip stem

Based on principles described by Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Spotorno and other Authors

The Series 100 stem is a modular hip joint implant for cementless proximal anchoring. The tapered wedge stem design, which has been used successfully for many years now, follows the natural geometry of the proximal femoral canal. The wedge shape ensures primary stability by way of annular tension produced in the corticalis over the entire proximal profile of the prosthesis. Together with the rib structures, this proximal, metaphyseal annular tension ensures a continuous exertion of tension on the bone by the prosthesis. This metaphyseal transfer of tension also minimizes stress shielding to provide long-term preservation of physiological bone biology.

The Series 100 Stem is available in two different CCD angles (135° and 145°) This ensures optimized anatomical adaptation. The stem is manufactured of high quality titanium alloy (Ti6AlV4).

  Series 100 PDF-Brochure
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